About Me

Just call me Ost.

I like to draw cartoon animals, especially dinosaurs and other long dead fauna. I try to keep up with new information about paleontology and zoology, but I still have a lot to learn. This blog is about my learning journey, and a whole lot of ridiculous art. I use the term “art” loosely.

I design and create big, furry mascot costumes for a living. Yes, that’s a real job. I co-run a company with my boyfriend Bitz, and friend Corey. We have about a dozen employees that help us make our various animal themed wares. I’m a notorious work-a-holic and this blog is actually an attempt to do some non-work stuff . . .but it’s just more animals!

cropped-ost-icon.jpgOst is short for Ostrom. That’s the name of my ‘lil Deinonychus character. I don’t consider her an avatar of myself, but I do draw her in my favorite colors, and my hair is often dyed to match. If I were a dinosaur I think I would probably be some kind of crabby, small Certopsian.

Eventually I’ll be making a mascot suit for Ostrom.


I used to cosplay a lot and do Burlesque. I make all my own costumes, props, and wigs. I’m often too busy for this kind of stuff right now, but here are some past projects: